Saturday, February 16, 2013

Baby, Baby Still Sick

Continuing with this weeks topic of toddlers and colds, I wanted to post two websites links that I found very informative and helpful. 

FYI is a great website for all things baby, toddler, and mom. All articles are factually based and creditable.  

1. "Top Cold and Flu Myths- and the Facts on Keeping Your Child Health" by Karen Miles

This article describes some of the most common myths and assumptions about colds and young children. Topics range from over counter medicine usage, to flu shots, impacts of daycare and even address milk mucus issues. A very interesting and insightful read. 

2. Video: How to Use a Bulb Syringe to Clear Baby's Mucus

This is a MUST watch for all mothers, guardians or caregivers. The video gives the proper procedure to remove mucus from your child's nose with a bulb syringe. This can be a difficult task, but following the doctors methods will ensure more successful removal of unwanted mucus. 

Make sure to check out the REVIEW TAB.  I recently posted about one of my favorite symptom killers for toddlers, Cold n' Cough a natural medicine. Also be sure to look in the ARTICLES TAB, I posted a couple links to websites for at home remedies to reduce toddlers symptoms. 


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